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Neón Chicha

Exhibition + Party!

Saturday December 3rd, 2022, 5pm

  • Food by Cocinas Alterinas and Koma Studio, 7-10pm

  • Party (5th anniversary of la_cápsula), from 10.30 pm 

     *Location for the party: Raum Güiña, Freiestrasse 138


Neón Chicha is an exhibition about Chicha art, the aesthetics that surrounds Chicha music in Peru. Born in the 1980s as the result of a clash between indigenous and colonial cultures, Chicha art has long been associated with Peru’s ‘lower classes.’ It was originally used to advertise musical events, but in recent times it has been revived by a new generation of artists and activists. 

Characterised by its bright neon colours, Chicha Art takes the form of posters, street art, chicha newspapers and records. The show Neon Chicha at la_cápsula will present a selection of posters curated by historian and curator Alfredo Villar (PER) and chicha artist Yefferson Huamán (PER), who have been travelling around Europe organising Chicha art exhibitions and lectures.

During the exhibition, Cocinas Alterinas and Koma Studio will prepare food inspired by the exhibition, highlighting the importance of food as an expression of culture. In their practice, Cocinas Alterinas looks at kitchens as spaces of care, recreation, and resistance and explores food as a means to reflect and meditate on plural visions of design.

The event will finish with a Party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of la_cápsula. A line up of DJs will be waiting for your best dance moves from 10.30pm at Freiestrasse 138 ;)



5pm           Doors Open

7pm           Food until it lasts! Peruvian Ceviche and Mushroom Tiradito

10pm         End of exhibition, we move to the party venue.

10.30pm    Party at Raum Güiña, Freiestrasse 138, with a lineup of Djs

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