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Magazin Launch

Friday 12.04.2024, 7pm


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la_cápsula is happy to host the launch of the third Issue of OBRA Magazine, a printed and digital archive of visual expressions by artists from Latin America.
In this event Olga Borda (Founder and Director) and Alejandra Monteverde (Curator of Issue 03) will talk about the ideas behind the magazine and share details about the creative process of their latest issue.
Issue 03 was curated in collaboration with Alejandra Monteverde and crafted between Lima, Lausanne, and Basel. This issue surveys a selection of works on paper made by a variety of artists who either use drawing as their main medium or perceive paper as paramount to their artistic practice.

A5 book, 232 full-color pages, exposed sewn binding.
Editorial design: Olga Borda and Gabriela Jaime

With works by

Ana Prata
Carlos Alfonso
Clara Esborraz
Elena Izcue
Martín Ramírez
Milagros Rojas
Santiago Licata
Yuli Yamagata
Elisabeth Wild
Sol Calero
Pedro Assam
Rafael Nolte
Mili Herrera
María Fragoso
José Eduardo Barajas
Joëlle de La Casinière
Javier Bravo de Rueda
Tomas Maglione

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